Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's been a while since I have blogged. I started school in August and have been super busy since. Working full time and taking 3 classes at school, as well as fitting room into having a social life. I like the feeling of not being bored though. I have more energy and feel like I am doing something in my life.
This semester I'm taking Extreme Aerobics, Writing and Reporting for media, and Photography. Haha, not too bad of a schedule to me!

I went out to jeckell's last night to watch The Atomik Kangaroo's play.Not many people showed up, but the guy I went out on Sunday with, did show up!
Krista invited me out to din with her and Blake after work yesterday, before the show. Krista and I ordered off the kids menu and blake drew penis's all over the menu's with the kid crayon's. Haha.
We got to the show and got some drinks.
Greg was already there, so we went up to him and had some drinks and enjoyed some live music! good times.