Sunday, January 3, 2010

Solstice Canyon

I went hiking in Solstice Canyon, with two girlfriends of mine, Krista and Angel last weekend. Solstice Canyon is located of the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) in Malibu. Take Kanan all the way down to PCH and make a left, go down for about a mile, until you see the 76 gas station, make a left onto that street, which will lead you to a parking lot.

Krista and I did not know what to expect, since we haven't been hiking very much. Angel knew the trail, so she was our little tour guide.

We went down a pretty easy trail over to the burnt down mansion. This mansion was build in the 1950's and in the 1980's, a fire broke out and the mansion burnt down.

We sat around and drank some wine (it's legal to drink and walk around naked in the santa monica mountains) until we build up the energy to hike up a mountain. Krista was not happy, since all she had were converse on.
We managed to make it to the top without our heart exploding! It felt great! We could feel the burn!
When we reached the top, the sky looked amazing that day!

What a beautiful hike! There are so many trails around where we live, we want to do this every Saturday!
We headed to the beach near Zuma in Malibu, to watch the sunset and finish our wine. Can you believe this sunset!?

We decided to take photos of our silhouette and the sunset behind us, which turned out great!!!
We finished our wine and decided to headed back up the canyon, looking out the back window, as we listen to the white album, watching the sunset fall into the ocean...beautiful.


Who knew that on January 2nd, 2010 it would be 75 degrees outside?! Poor Shirley, will have to leave this 'summer' behind and return to the actual winter that is Michigan. We have been entirely spoiled rotten with such beautiful weather. It's a bit ridiculous, but for the price us Southern Californian's pay, we expect this beautiful weather! Although, a part of me misses the actual four seasons. Sometimes, I close my eyes and it takes me back to a time when I lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan. For the three years during High School, I did adapt to it fairly okay. I was blessed to have two snowboarding/ski hills within a mile from my house, I lived on a lake which made ice skating fun (i was a figure skater at this time as well), and I had a sweet boyfriend to cuddle and drink vanilla chai's was different. A part of me truly misses Michigan. Los Angeles, can be quite toxic. Michigan felt real.