Sunday, June 28, 2009

RIP Farrah Fawcett

RIP Farrah, you will be missed.

Weeds Season 4

Rented WEEDS season 4 today. Check out these amazing promo shots for season 4. It's the new age pin up girl!!! I love Mary Louise Parker, and I love this show. It's great! Check it out! if you don't have showtime (like myself) just rent it from Blockbuster or Net Flicks.

Picture of the Day

San Fernando/LA

Getting out of Ventura County and heading into Los Angeles County is always a nice change. From the suburbs to the city, we made our way Sherman Oaks, which is about a 25 minute drive. We stopped at Buffalo Exchange and searched through the store, like kids in a candy store! I sold a pair of BCD jeans and a UO top, which I took the 50% store credit, rather then the 35% cash. I found a cute white loose top with a b&w photo of hippies at woodstock 69. I am almost positive this is TOP SHOP. I then found a lovely leopard button up blouse from Forever and a purple leopard sweater from HM, which I have in red. I only paid $17 for everything.
After spending about a hour there, we left and got on the 101fwy and exited Tujuanga Blvd. Made a left and another left at Dilling, where we arrived to the famous Brady Bunch House. The Brady Bunch was one of my favorite shows as a kid, and when I found out that the real house was located in North Hollywood, we decided to check it out!

We got lunch @ Panera Bread on the corner of Laurel Canyon and Ventura. It was very yummy. We walked down a few blocks to Crossroads and browsed around. Crossroads is a fabulous store with used name brand clothing for cheap. You can also sell back as well.
Took Beverly Glen, to Mullholland , to Benedict Canyon to Sunset. This is at the top of Mullholland looking down at the San Fernando Valley.
Off Benedict Canyon is Cielo Drive. This is the old Tate property where the Manson Murders took place. The original house is now demolished and was actually located a lil bit below this now new mansion called the Bella Villa, owned by a hot shot Hollywood producer. This hot shot, Jeff Franklin (producer of Full House) was having a party yesterday. If only we had an invitation! Imagine the views!
My friend's dad actually grew up in the house below the old Tate property. He was just 15 at the time, but his dad (my friends grandpa) called the cops the morning (I'm guessing midnight-1am-ish) of August 9th, 1969, notifying them of a party getting out of control at the Tate residence. Well, the cops showed up at my friend's dad's house, who then told the police that it is theTate house he needs to check out. They never did. The next morning, the hosuekeeper found the 5 victims dead inside and outside the house on Cielo Drive.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all you daddy's!

Picture of the Day

My last night in London. Looking down from the top floor of the Hilton London Metropole, which is down the street from Paddington Station.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Marilyn Day Part 2

After driving from the valley out to Brentwood to visit MM's house, and a stop at the Pierce Brother's Memorial Center, we were a bit exhausted and needed to re-energize ourselves. We decided on Jerry's Deli after cruising around Westwood. Westwood is where the UCLA campus is located, about 15-20 minutes west of LA and 5 minutes west of Hollywood. It's a great college campus and a superb party town!

After Jerry's, we headed over to Sunset and made our next destination...and the last stop of the Marilyn Day. The Beverly Hills Hotel. *MM bungalow 21A*

The top balcony is where she lived for a year of her life.

We decided on a stop @ the famous Polo Lounge in the BHH for a cocktail. What a beautiful place it is, and the amazing staff is a bonus!
At the pool side cabana looking at the back of the hotel.
Katie and the Ian Zeiring look-a-like from NYC.
Livin' it up in the bathroom. Really, I could live in this bathroom. Absolutely amazing and clean. A+
Staff members = A+

We left the hotel around 10PM, and headed for the valley. My friend was DJing that night at Smile's Night Club in Sherman Oaks, and we decided to check it out. Good times.

Music is therapy

I did some music shopping this weekend and bought the Of Montreal album, The Sunlandic Twins. They have such creative and unique lyrics in their songs. The album is great, probably one of their well-known albums.
Also, got the new Empire of the Sun album, Walking on a dream. I love "We are the people" and "Country".

Monday, June 8, 2009

A day of Marilyn Monroe

Out of nowhere a few weeks ago, Marilyn Monroe popped into my head. Katie and I met for coffee and would discuss how we didn't think her death was caused by suicide, rather murder. With the research I have been doing and trusting my intuition, I feel she was murdered by a Kennedy brother or the mob. We may never know…unless they re-open the case and do a thorough autopsy. This has not been done yet.
Since June 1st was her 83rd birthday, Katie and I decided to make it a Marilyn day on Saturday (6/6).
First stop, The house Marilyn died in

Next stop, The Pierce Brothers Memorial Center in Westwood, CA
Hugh Hefner bought the empty crypt to the left of Marilyn.

Katie and I in Marilyn inspired outfits.
Says "in" underneath his name, haha.
Bettie Page's grave. Love her!!!
I really thought going to a cemetery would be a little unnerving, but the Pierce Brothers cemetery is so little and peaceful, you almost forget your in one! There were other people there, taking their photos infront of Marilyn's crypt, checking out other actors, or visiting their loved ones.

Monday, June 1, 2009

James and Marilyn

Overcast weekend which caused M and I to cancel plans to go out to Venice on Saturday. This worked in my favor, since I was completely out of make up and decided to go out to Burbank (Cinema Secrets) and buy some. I hopped out of bed and quickly showered, drove down to Starbucks, where the lady working behind the counter must have been on the rag.
I go through certain phases of researching a certain person or place or topic. This last week I have been on a James Dean and Marilyn Monroe kick.

Happy Birthday, Marilyn.