Sunday, September 16, 2012


It's beginning to feel more like fall which is a huge relief. I love the summer, but not the days like this weekend where the San Fernanado Valley was in the 100s. It's a lot nicer out in the suburbs but still... That is just too hot. I like my 75 degree Cali days. I love my rainy cold Cali days though. I miss the weather changes in Michigan. The fall outfits. The sweaters & tights. I guess much has not changed, since I wear stockings in the summer.

This weekend was lovely. Scratch that. The whole week was lovely. Work went smoothly, cardio barre felt amazing, downtown LA art walk, sushi dinner with a sweet guy, enhanced my ombré, fleet wood Mac tribute album, pool, beer pong, and being surrounded by my friends and family.

I did get stuck on the 5fwy in completely stopped traffic. The type of traffic where people are getting out of their cars to see what's going on. This was in the butthole of the valley on the hottest day of the year in the peak of the afternoon.

But suddenly it started moving and my anxiety melted into a flowing beauty of bliss! And I coasted down the 5 fwy toward the 154.

Photos: long island iced tea at cheesecake factory this afternoon with my girl katie. me with really messy hair (which is always? :-/ ) my lunch, a very delicious artichoke. Casino, a friends dog sunbathing and napping.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

I am doing so well with the non smoking!!! I haven't had a cig since December 4th, 2011! Go me! Everyday gets easier. I can do this.

I've had to seclude myself some bars's just a bit difficult right now but I know that in the future it will get easier.

It's officially 2012. I hope this year brings grand things. There are only a few NYR I have this year...

1. Save as much $ as I can for down payment of mini cooper.

2. Sharon portrait tattoo

3. Save $ for another trip to the UK.

4. Take Excel (I, II, & III) courses.

5. Continue jogging ;-P

I think those are all do-able!

My first marathon is on January 21st!! I am excited!


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A new beginning

On Monday I woke up and decided that I was not going to be a smoker anymore.

It is Tuesday and I have not smoked a cigarette yet.

I am really proud and happy that I am finally doing this. I have wanted this for so long but have always made excuses.

Today I signed up for a marathon with my friend Chris and his best friend Kara and her boyfriend. It's on January 21st and only a 5k. Only. Hah. I am not a runner. I am a walker but have been training myself lately and have started jogging. I went tonight for a 5k walk/jog. My stamina is getting better when I jog and will only get better now that I am not smoking.

The most difficult thing for me right now is living with two smokers. Jeremy is having his birthday party on Friday and I know it will be hard for me to escape being surrounded by alcohol and cigarettes. I just need to limit my alcohol and go in my room and chew some gum when I get the craving.

Anyway here are some photos.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

This past week

Iced latte from Marmalade Cafe

Soup <3 world market <3

Drunk with my roommates

Drinking @ Crown, celebrating Liz's birthday.

Reading French magazines and desperately wanting an ombre hair style.

Wanting this whole outfit including hair.

Finally able to put on a jacket outside!

Rainy Wednesday.

Seeing old friends.

Drinking @ elevate lounge.

Celebrated diana's birthday.

New BCBG heels

Macaroons from Paris <3


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