Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lunch Break

A little mentally drained but nonetheless happy. People's energy really can affect you. Not good. Especially when they are very angry everyday. Once in a while is totally cool but everyday? Time to make some changes in your life..

But anywho, I had a great lunch break today! I walked to Lassen's and bought myself Nori & Oolong Tea. A 30 cal lunch, can't beat that!
Then I walked out of Lassen's and dropped my oolong tea and it rolled under a car and through the parking lot. Fun.
I made it to The Mad Attic where I purchased the cutest navy blue purse with gold buttons. I am not sure which decade it is from...maybe 60's..or even 80's..I do not know but it does look kind of 60's like. I love thrift shopping. One of my favorite things to do in my spare time. You never know what you may find!

P.S.  Revlon's "Just Bitten" lipstain lipstick is my new fav! I have never been a fan of lipstick b/c it smears and gets on your teeth and if you kiss someone it gets on them. BUT, Revlon's lipstain has not one of those side affects! I am hooked. It literally stains your lips and does no smear! I finally found my new favorite color which compliments my eyes and skin tone. It is "Beloved". It's like a red wine color. I love it. And this is coming from a girl who loves loves loves pale lips. I think I may be wearing more lipstick from now on. 
I also bought Rimmel's Ivy eye liner which is a beautiful emerald green. Would look great with green or brown eyes. Or in my case, hazel. I did ivy on the top and dark brown on the bottom and it looked very pretty,
G'Night World.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ronald Reagan Library

Bought these off modcloth.com today. I need a cute read pair of wedges. Perfect for Spring and Summer time!

This weekend was quite rainy, which made me happy! I love a good rainy weekend. I really do belong in the UK or a city such as Portland or Seattle. I could most def see myself living in any of those rainy cities

I went to the Ronald Reagan Library with Jeremy this weekend. It was a great time! The view up on the hill is so beautiful! Even with the rain and heavy gloomy clouds!

I managed to take some great shots with my new Instax Polaroid cam too.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


UO  just came out with 3 Alice in Wonderland framed art. I love them!

Mod Cloth finds

These are too cute:

I adore Mod Cloth. <3

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I finally bought myself a birthday present! A belated birthday present that is. Oh, wait...that's not true. I bought myself an adorable lil mustard yellow mini purse @ Urban a couple days before my birthday. Yeah, when I got home the zipper wasn't working. I took it back in the next day and exchanged it for a new one. While I was at the Ween concert (6 hours after I purchased it), the zipper stopped working once again and then to top it off, the strap broke!!! So I was stuck at the show with a tiny purse which did not zip up and a broken strap! Not fun. I ended up getting my money back and just now purchased what I wanted originally: The Instax 7s Mini.
I got a camera, a case and 2 sets of film for only $100.90 off Amazon + Free Shipping

Urban's price for the cam alone = $130
2 Sets of film = $30
and they did not have a case for sale

:-) I am happy.

pic: google images

Monday, February 7, 2011

Lucky Brand

I got Lucky when I went shopping @ Lucky Brand this weekend!! This was my most favorite find (that and my lavendar sweatshirt I got @ Forever, which I have worn for the past three days... :-X )

But anyway...I found this beautiful hippy dress marked down from $120 to $15!
I can't wait to wear this with my brown boots and possibly a headband! Love the 60's!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


What a weekend. It had its good and its bad. The good consisted of going to the Viper Room and getting free drinks all night. The good also consisted of shopping with my 2 girlfriends and getting Cheesecake Factory. The good consisted of seeing my crush two days this weekend. The good consisted of good times and good convos with Katie over coffee at Starbucks. ...why mention the bad when you have such good!? :)

hey you on friday night @ the viper room
shoppin' @ da mall Saturday

pizza Sunday w/ Katie

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

relaxin alone

Sitting in bed watching Garden State and eating spicy whole wheat chicken noodle soup. Feels good to be relaxing.

Last week, I was dating this guy. We went out like every night to the local pub down the street from my house. It was fun while it lasted. He isn't who I want though. I def want to be his friend still but there were plenty of red flags that waved in front of my eyes (possessive, unstable, bad boy, no job) I have to be true to myself. I want a non possessive, stable, good MAN, with a career.

I am patient, I can wait for the right one. Being alone isn't anything new for me, and it's rather comforting in a way.

I just need to not focus on guys and focus on myself.

I refuse to see or text my lover (this is such a HUGE accomplishment for me)
My crush (my barista) has a g/f
And this new guy is borderline obsessed with me.

WEEN concert/My 25th Birthday

Saturday night was the WEEN concert out in Hollywood @ The Wiltern. Korea town to be exact. And if anyone is a Jane's addiction fan, we stayed at a hotel on the corner of St. Andrew's and Wilshire. He he.
We got into town and checked into the hotel, opened some heineken's and chilled for a while. Then took a taxi over to Sunset where we ate at Toi Thai. Very yummy thai food with a cool rock n roll atmosphere.
Then headed back over to Wilshire to the WEEN concert!!! Might I say, it was such a great show. They put all those young artists who play a hour concert to shame! They played for three hours! Amazing.

Then it was off to go party! Drank in the hotel room until 5AM and celebrated my 25th birthday with shots and beers!



Good times with good friends and good music and good drinks! =)