Saturday, March 28, 2009


Strange seems to be the key word of my Friday.

*miscomunication with friend at work.

*my friend M and I both texted each other the same thing at the same time.

*M also was sporting the Abbey Road bag (see post below) in light brown!

*we both had on leggings, a mini skirt, and a tshirt on.

*ended up at my ex best friend K's ex boyfriend B's apartment with M (B's neighbor growing up!) and 2 of my old neighbors I grew up with.

The day did end better than it started, so I can't complain! I went out with M to get some drinks and see some live local music. I was impressed too! A mixture of reggae, classical, hip hop, indie rock. M even went up on "stage" (lack of) and sang!! I was so impressed with her for being confident (my shirt that night said confident, strange.) Good times.

Today has been the opposite of strange, but a rather lazy and indulgent day of pampering myself with candles and a bubble bath! well as a California Pizza Kitchen Garlic Chicken Pizza. MMM!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lucky Brand

The Abbey Road Handbag by Lucky Brand

I was browsing when i ran across these amazing purses. This AR handbag can be yours for $178.00! I have been looking for a nice bag lately but haven't found anything affordable and unique until I saw this. It's not entirely affordable, but I think it would be worth it. I particularily love the green one. It would go great with my eyes! :)

The Night Prowler Bag

This is a great bag with a similar fold over as the Abbey Road bag. The straps are fabulous as they have gold chains going up the sides of the straps. This purse is just a tab bit more pricey at $199.00.


In Anthropology class we were studying about Primates and I thought I'd share this adorable picture w! :)

Did you know that Chimps are closer in relation to humans then they are to Gorilla's? Crazy!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I want him so bad

I have strong feelings for my friend. He knows this. I started having feelings for him the first time I layed eyes on him. (Nov '07)
He is not a jerk. He is kind and gentle.
He is an Aquarius, like myself. He has Aquarius in Venus, like myself. His mars is in cancer and mine is in scorpio (cancer + scorpio = conjunction). As well as a lot of Sagittarius in our charts.
He actually has two or three planets in alignment with Aquarius, I have four.
He is 31. I am 23. He may think i am too young, but i am not.. We both have hazel eyes. We both even stand the same! We both want to have fun and be single. (However, if he asked me out, i'd jump at the chance.)
I have backed off on getting my hopes set high....but I secretly have hope...Hah.
I don't need to be his or in a relationship with him...(but I do believe in dreams coming true). He means so much to me on a different level than a "crush". He has taught me much in life without realizing it and has def helped me not be so neive. 
I look up to him. He is perfect in my eyes.
He will always hold a place in my heart.
The sad news company is moving location in August. He works in the same building as me (diff company) which is great because we get to see each other daily and have smoke breaks. When we move, i'll only see him when he wants to see me. :(

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


To pass time yesterday before class, Kona (my baby doggy) and I did some sunbathing in the front of the house...She is the best thing that ever happened to me. When I was 18, I randomly decided I wanted a chihuahua. After much arguing and contemplating on my parents part, they gave in. We looked through the paper and a guy in Oxnard had 3 baby chihuahua's for sale. When we picked her up, she was the tiniest littlest itty bitty thing you had ever seen! She didn't even weight a pound!
The night we got her though, she wasn't eating and was so fatigued looking that we took her to the vet, where she stayed for a day. When we got her back, we fed her and gave her insulin. Over time she started packing on the lbs and become one frisky little girl! Her favorite thing in the world is to eat. She eats bigger breakfasts then I do!
On Monday, my brother took her to the vet for a check up. The vet said she needs to loose 1lb. She weighs 7lbs!! My little porker!!! I love her and her fat arse! haha.
Kona will be going for a walk with me after work!

Damn, you coffee!

I am having the worst week of luck. I just spilled my latte all over my light army green skirt. I am at work, so I do not have an oppurtunity to change. I was so excited today because I haven't worn a skirt in a while and whalllllla, i spill coffee all over it!
I am wearing my new JS high heels, forever 21 black shiny leggings w/ zippers at the bottom, my now latte covered army green DC skirt and cute black open back top from...? not sure.
After work on Monday, I was walking to my car when a voice inside my head said "You don't have your keys". I put down my bag full of school books, mail, folders, etc on the trunk of my car. I turned my head for .05 seconds and my bag fell off my car and all my loose papers stared flying around and went under my car. :( I got down on my hands and knees, trying to grab all the papers, looking like an idiot. The bonus to this story is that it happened right infront of my friend (a guy) that I have strong feelings for. Humiliating...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

happy saint patrick's day!

Happy Saint Patrick's day! Almost over here...18 more minutes.
It's going to be 80 degrees tomorrow in so cali! This means I will finally and offically be welcoming in spring with my new high heels and a dress!! Time to lay out this weekend, because my legs are a disgustingly off white shade right now which isn't the most flattering with blonde hair...or at least this is what people have been telling me. :-/
Off to dreamland now...adios amigos.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Traveling decisions

I originally wanted to go back to the UK this summer but when I realized it's half way through March and realized I am still paying off bills from when Alex was here in December. So, I am thinking August is more reasonable. August or September. I don't want to rush myself and not have enough money to do anything. I'll get my tax return and pay off my debt. After that, it's strict saving! I will have to cut out quite a few things from my weekly spending (such as cigs, coffee, clothing, food).
I am hoping to visit London, Cardiff, Liverpool, Birmingham (to see Jessie), Edinburgh, and Paris. Of course, I will have to see how much money I can save.
This will be my last trip out there for a while. I need to save money and get a new car (mini cooper). If Alex really "loves" me and wants to be with me, then this next trip will be a good time to really let me know that and do something about it, or else I have to more on. We've known each other for 3 years now. We have to make a decision on whether we will be just friends or lovers. ::Shrugs::

Monday, March 9, 2009

Space 15 Twenty

"A new retail experiment in Hollywood, CA, Space 15 Twenty creates an opportunity for Urban Outfitters to collaborate with creative brands we find inspiring and interesting.A courtyard leads from each store to an outdoor performance space and adjoining gallery. Both of which encourage designers and artists to become part of a curated environment. Working with neighboring music, film and art establishments, both courtyard and adjoining gallery will present a rotating cast of local musicians and artists.The Urban Outfitters store will feature one-off installations by a new designer every few months. Alongside the 11,000 square foot Urban Outfitters store, Space 15 Twenty will host a selection of vendors. The revolving brands utilizing these spaces will reflect and compliment Urban Outfitters and present our customers with an overarching view of people and brands which are excited to be aligned with."

I have got to check this place out!!! It's located at 1520 N. Cuhuenga Blvd in Hollywood, CA. If you are near here, go check it out and let me know how it is!!!

Some tennants include...
Hennessey + Ingalls
Show Pony
Snack Bar
Urban Outfitters
We The Free
What Comes Around Goes Around


“I'm interested in designing for posterity. People who buy McQueen are going to hand the clothes down to their children, and that's very rare today.”—Alexander McQueen Harper’s Bazaar

Sunday, Kate Harlow and I went to Uwink for lunch in the Topanga Promenade. I ate the spicy shrimp & spinach dip w/ tortilla chips and Kate got the turkey club! It was delicious! Uwink is an interesting little place that I discovered this year on Valentine's Day. They have two computers on each side of the table that you order everything off of. They also have free games to play as you are waiting!
After lunch, we went down the street to Target to check out if they have the new Alexander McQueen line out yet. No luck! Whoever Kate talked to said it would be out on Sunday, but no luck! I ended up heading home, while Kate went to the Northridge target and found the McQueen line there!!!!

Prices and designs include but not limited to...
1. Studded Denim Jacket ($59.99)
2. Tattoo-Print Tee in Blue ($22.99)
3. Zip-Shoulder Mesh Sweater(44.99)
4. Portrait-Print Tee ($22.99)
5. Studded-Leather Vest ($129.99)
6. High-Waist Gore Skirt ($49.99)
7. Zigzag-Print Gathered Dress ($69.99)
Apparantly, McQueen found his inspiration for the collection by the British band The Duke Spirit.
Wearing: Topshop black shiny skinny jeans, navy blue oxford shoes, blue abercrombie top with my blue/red nautical mini jacket from h&m

Travis Barker

On Saturday, I woke up, showered, stopped at the bucks and headed out to Cinema Secrets in Burbank, where I picked up some foundation, nail polish and eye shadow. I stopped by at the Topanga Mall afterwards and managed to find a parking spot. As I was walking in the parking lot towards CPK/Forever 21 area, I notice a guy who looked rather familiar. As I got closer, I realized that he was TRAVIS BARKER from Blink 182. He was walking out of Neiman Marcus with two of his children. The cutest part was that he was baby talking with his kids! It was adorable. I proceeded to act cool and not go up to him. I just continued to walk past him, smiling as we crossed paths.

This was the 2nd time I have seen him in person. First time was at the 2005 Warped Tour in Long Beach, CA. I happened to get backstage (I was "babysitting" a pornstar) when I saw Travis and saw his best friend (the one who died in the plane crash). Travis had so many people surrounding him at the warped tour that I just stood back and watched. I didn't want to be one of those people.
That was actually a fun night! Getting onto the Bled's tour bus to rescue my from getting knocked up in the back of the tour bus (hahah) to meeting and be friending Burt McCrackin from the Used (we got invited to his engagement party in 05) to meeting and drinking with the Offspring to realizing how much of losers Fall Out Boy is when they got highly offended and stopped talking to me when I asked them "So, what band are you in...?"
Anyway, after crossing paths with Travis, I managaed to get some shopping done! I bought a pair of black somewhat shiny leggings from forever, a white ruffle tank top from forever, a navy blue/red nautical mini jacket from h&m, and a cropped purple thin jacket from h&m.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Fashion meets the stars

Just doing some last minute @ work browsing on and found this very cute astronomy mini bubble skirt! With my love of the unknown universe and astrology, this skirt totally suits me! Plus it's in my size. I will have to ponder the thought of buying this and hopefully bring myself to purchase it this weekend. It's only $16.00, why not!

That's what I want!

Currently Wearing: Hudson jeans, grey ankle boots, miss selfridge sea green/baby blue tunic, leopard 3/4 sleeve sweater

I can't beleive it's the first week of March. Winter is coming to an end, and Spring will begin! Put away the boots and bring out the strappy heels! Take off that winter coat and put on that summer dress!

A few things I want...

Shoes are TopShop and dresses are new arrivals from Forever 21.

You can have these dresses for $24.80/each!!

Corporations suck.

I am really truly deeply upset with my company and their lack of incentive to get people through their days, weeks, months...

...on a happy note, happy friday!!! xo