Thursday, March 31, 2011


Drained. Mentally.

I haven't posted all month. Wow. I suck.

It was a pretty good month, besides today (the last day of it) I got water on my iPhone and it died. I think it's done. It's in a bag o rice right now. It was still working after the water got on it and was luckily able to write down my crush's phone number. Then it went dead.

Oh well, I can use an upgrade and finally get the iPhone 4. It all works out. I'll just be short $200 bux. I will just have to not spend much next paycheck to get back to my saving for my convertible mini cooper. <3

I saw my crush today but he did not talk to me. I got a wave. His co worker, who has a crush on me, talked with me though. I guess you want what you can't have. Although, I am still trying to figure out why the hell I would want a player.

Work is going good. It's busy and stressful,  but I am learning a lot and feel more confident in myself.

Here are photos from the month of March:

made cupcakes

my buddy played at the ventura theater
morning sunrise
beautiful sunsets
sharon tate inspired make up
got my hair did!
st. patty's day!
my friend painted a photo of me!
happy bday to two of the greatest guys!
goodbye iPhone 3GS

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Diana's last night

My friend Diana is moving to Austin, TX tomorrow morning so we celebrated at Chili's with Jeremy and Shawn last night. We ate a crap ton of food and drank yummy cocktails and took cute Polaroid photos with my Instax. It was a great time and I am very sad that Diana is moving so far away. But, you have to go where the job goes.
Di and Me
Jeremy & Shawn

My visit to Cielo Drive

I got invited to go to David Oman's house who lives a couple houses down from where my idol Sharon Tate lived. He made a movie about the murders (which i am a lil iffy about since I don't like to focus on the murders. I'd rather create a movie about the lives they all lived) But anyway, Apparently, he gets a lot of paranormal activity in his house and the area so we decided to check it out. I brought my guy friend and my friend Katie. We caught some crazy EVP's which are on Katie's digital recorder. It was a bit odd to go to a strangers house but we had been friends on facebook for a year and figured why not. It was a good night. I love Cielo drive. I love Benedict Canyon. I want to live there so bad!
You could see LA from the balcony and hear random pre-oscar parties in the distance. David also has Fosters on tap so we drank out of a stein.
He has the cutest 1960's mustard color chair (picture above) and some letters from Sharon to her mother he got from an auction. It was really very inspiring and amazing to hold that in my hand. He also had a "Prescription for Opium" letter from 1919. Awesome! His upstairs bathroom was decked out in Sharon photos.
Anyway, here is the new gate that leads to the Tate residence, now owned by Jeff Franklin (Producer of Full House)