Sunday, January 16, 2011

da weekend

After starting a new job, this weekend felt so great to sleep in and relax! 
Friday @ work the boss bought us pizza and breadsticks for lunch! So good! I took my lunch and ran over to Cosmoproff to get some hair conditioner and new nail polish. Relaxed in my car after that to clear my mind. I went back to work and the pizza had just arrived! I love how I can eat at my desk! I also love how our cabnets at work are fully stocked with drinks and snacks! Including: peppermint patties, mixed nuts, granola bars, tootsie pops, popcorn, apples, fruit snacks, chocolate, cans of arizona iced tea, soda cans, hot chocolate, coffee, etc. =D
Friday night I went out to J&H because an old friend was DJing and I was meeting up with another old friend. We started a dance party and danced all night! Great times!
Saturday I did a little shopping. Got a new book, bracelet, shorts, socks and coffee cup. I also made a stop to Cupcakery and got the vanilla bean unbirthday cupcake. yum! 
Went out to dinner at Cisco's with G. They have an excellent quesadilla!
Today I am just relaxing. Did some reading at Starbucks with a lovely caramel apple cider. <3
Then back to the grind tomorrow! I hope it's a good week to come!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

florals and heels

Two things that I love 
(I mean LOVE) 
are high heels
(of any style..oxfords, wedges, stilettos, platforms...) 
and floral print
so when I saw these new oxford style wedges on 
I almost screamed

C'est la vie

My friend Mike made me these candles!
Isn't he a sweetheart?
They are Apple & Clove scented!

Today I saw the guy I have had strong intense feelings for
For the past three years (ugh)
And It felt

The attraction is still there
I know that in my heart that I have
Let go.

It's sad

What's next to come?
Who will I meet?
How will I feel?
Will he be the one that is meant for me?

I am watching the Break Up
It's on the last scene of the movie right now.

I hope that I can run into him
And reminisce on all the fun times we have had

  C'est la vie

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

LA vintage wish list

This Almost Famous Saga Vintage Fur Coat From The 1970's
Oh, and don't forget the boots!
Actually, the whole outfit would do..

Or this top....(or whole outfit, again)
those shorts are killer...too bad I have
a phobia of wearing shorts!
(hate my thighs!!)
and the back...perfect for valentine's day!
And this awesome 1970's "peyote dreams" skirt!

little black pearly dress

I really love this dress from modcloth and may purchase it, but will continue doing some more internet browsing. I think it would look super cute with my black suede boots for when I go out to Hollywood for my b-day. Conservative & Cute. Maybe I'll add some fish net tights for some sexiness. =)

It is a great Tuesday!

Happy 1-11-11! YAY!!! I got a job!! I start tomorrow! It's near where I used to work, which makes me so happy! Same schedule too. 8-5 M-F! PLUS, it's $0.65 more then what I was making too! :) I am so so so happy!!! Even though I was only unemployed for a week and a half, I was beginning to get depressed. Now I am feeling good. I will actually have money on my birthday! Going to the WEEN concert (Sat, Jan 29th) the day before my birthday (Sun Jan 30th) with Mary, Mike and Greg out in Hollywood. We got a hotel and will party all night! =) It'll be a great weekend! =D

home is where ever i'm with you

Sitting in bed, eating Toblerone chocolate and watching the news. Yes, at 1:30 A.M. Just got done applying for some jobs and getting ready for bed. Last night at this time, I got a text message from the guy I have been in "love" with for the last 3 years and 2 months...the one who plays with my head.Yeah, he's up to it again.
Ugh. In the past this would upset me and would make me loose my confidence, but now, I almost find it amusing. It's amusing in a very lame way. He is so predictable. I was sad for about three minutes and then laughed it off, promising myself not to answer any more text's from him. It's hard because I miss him, but it's become easier now that I am waking up to the fact that he does not treat me like a friend. If I keep answering, he will keep playing games, if I ignore him, he will eventually stop. I would tell him how I feel, but I am afraid I would say something I would regret. Apparently, he thinks that I am "too young" for him anyway, maybe I should tell him to go pick on someone his own age. But I won't, I'll just not say anything. Less is More. Don't want to be the mean one. He can take that title. I know that if I am mean to someone, I feel guilty, whether it is right away or days later, I end up regretting being mean. I don't think that's the case with him. Some people don't care when they are mean for no apparent reason.  :-/

I made yummy veggies for dinner tonight. Well, veggies, chicken fried rice, and teriyaki chicken. Yum! I love stir frying veggies. I add garlic salt and other seasoning, as well as soy sauce. Veggies are the best thing you can put into your body, so I am glad I am in love with 'em!

My little boy. Home is where ever I am with Angus!
And Kona!

This video is priceless!!!! My favorite song for over a year now. It's in my cd player of my car right now, specifically on this song.

Arizona Shootings

My heart goes out to everyone who lost their life and who were injured in the terrible Arizona shootings. It breaks my heart to hear about this. Violence is not the answer.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


My professional attire! Went on an interview on Friday which went well. It's an interesting position, not sure if I am totally qualified for it, but we will just wait and see. Hopefully, I get some more soon.
The past two days, I have spent being a loner. :) It has been quite enjoyable though! I went on walks to Starbucks and sat there for a couple hours reading. I wasn't feeling much of being a social person, but I am sure that will all change. Sometimes it's good to have alone time to find inspiration and re-charge the batteries. And by taking walks you can find beauty and inspiration in the little things:
On Friday, I bought some new make up which I am really digging. Este Lauder's Doublewear in the color Linen. It's waterproof and will last all day. I wasn't feeling like driving to Burbank, so I was recommended this type from a friend and am absolutely happy with it. The thing that sold me was that it does not get on my iPhone when I am talking on the phone! Cinema Secrets foundation did.

I also got my new boots from UO in the mail! Black suede boots! Og $100, got 'em for $50!
pic from

Friday, January 7, 2011

My week

Ahhh, what a week, what a week! It's actually been a very great week!!! Who knew being unemployed could be so much fun! Minus the whole no money thing, but good thing I had a little saved.

Tomorrow I have an interview @ 10:30 in Newbury Park. Not thrilled with the position or company but I need to at least go for the interview and get more info.

Anyway this week:

Monday ~ Pick up box and papers from old job, have a cig with my buddy Greg, drive to get coffee, See my crush!! (He said hi to me and he was off the clock, leaving work, and still said hi with the cutest shy smile! Awwwe!)
Brother's 29th bday. Ordered pizza (stuffed crust nom!) and went out for drinks with Brett and Greg. Fun times!

Tuesday ~ what happened tuesday...hmmmm...i can't remember right now. I do know that I applied for a dozen + jobs...
didn't see crush.
oh, Jeremy took me out for sushi. spicy mango crunch + "heart attack" roll + spicy tempura tuna roll
heart attack roll. jalapeno, cream cheese, spicy tuna + tempura = organism in mouth

Wednesday ~ Applied for jobs. Slept in. Exercised. (not in that order) became Martha f'ing Stewart and baked three dozen amazing chocolate chip cookies for Jeremy, Daniel and myself.
didn't see crush

Went out to Porter Ranch for Daniel's 29th birthday. Ate French Onion Soup and drank 2 glasses of water. Some guy gave me his card and told me to contact him if I were interested in appearing in a TV work out show....he seems legit. has a legit website...but yah. I am not sure if I will contact him.

Thursday ~ slept in, exercised, dropped a resume off, got french fries from arby's, ate 3, went to apple one for 2 hours, went home, cleaned up my resume as i was advised, take three typying tests for Apple One, scored 100% on all three, went out for sushi for Shawn's birthday with Jeremy, Danielle, and Mark, pick Diana up from the BMW dealership in Thousand Oaks, go home, finish online Excel, Word, and Outlook tests for Apple One. Score 90% on all.
feel guilty b/c Shawn bought Jeremy and I sushi because we are broke as*holes. Promise myself to buy Shawn dinner as soon as I get new job.
ate cookies.
didn't see crush.

And tomorrow = job interview, exercise, contemplate going out, but staying in and catching up on reading sounds so good right now. If I go out, I will be tempted to spend money.
Finally apply for Unemployment.

Monday, January 3, 2011


I took my buddy Greg out for a sushi dinner for his Christmas present on Thursday night. It was so delicious! I love Cho Cho Sans and swears by it! Everyone must try it out. If you live near Ventura county or LA county. It is really amazing. I got the 911 (left) which I get all the time b/c it is one of their very best rolls. Greg got the Hawaiian roll (right) which was amazing too! We also shared yummy calamari and drank large Sapporo's and had a wonderful time! We went back to his apt after and I laid on his couch in a food coma.


New Years Day

After a hung over day of eating and resting in bed, I headed over to Danielle/Marc/Jeremy's condo for a fun evening of watching the fights and eating pizza. I totally ate two dinners on this day, but whateve!

We smoked guava hooka and ate stuffed crust pineapple and ham pizza from Pizza Hut and drank alcohol. Well, everyone drank alcohol but me. I can't drink when I drank a lot the night before, so I watched everyone else drink and had a sit of Adult Chocolate Milk, which is amaZing! It's 20% alcohol. It reminds me of the Starbucks liquore. So yummy!

We watched the fights and then ended up watching Scary Movie 1. Stupid but funny! Such a classic haha.

New Years Eve

Well, the last day of the year consisted of me getting laid off. Apparently, they "no longer need the receptionist position".

After crying my eyes out, I realized it is ok. I was miserable at that place and have been looking for a new job for a long time. I can collect unemployment and continue looking for something good. Not to mention, going to school.

I am just upset. I worked there for almost four years and they just let me go as if I were a day old temp. I can't even say bye to a lot of the people I care about. A lot of them were on vacation. I am going in tomorrow to pick up my belongings, so I will at least get to say bye to Greg.

So, after going to Starbucks that morning and crying as I am trying to read in my new book, I got up and went over to Mary's where we made Cupcakes and Star Wars cookies for our party that night.

I think the biggest stress was not loosing my job, but disappointing my parents. I think they understand now. They understand I hated my job and the company so much.

It may just be a blessing in disguise.

So New Years Eve night was a blast!!! Diana came out of her apt! I made her. She was sad and I did not want my friend being alone drinking on NYE so Jeremy, Marc, and Danielle picked her up on their way to Mary's. My brother came too! There was so much yummy food to eat and so much yummy alcohol! Danielle made this jungle juice stuff which I drank all night long, minus my champagne at 12:00!

Here are some photos:
Myself & Diana
Diana and my bro, Ben.
The girls <3
The guys <3
Greg and I
My bro and me
Mary and Me
Funny bathroom shots
Funny drunk pics. No it's not what you think, it's a cigar case.
We partied until the early morning and crashed. Diana and Ben crashed next to each other on the couch. haha and I was on the couch next to them and woke up and started meowing at them...apparently...I think I was still drunk haha. We eventually woke Jeremy up by throwing our heels at him and sitting on him and smacking his ass...he eventually woke up and we all went to Denny's at 10:30 where Diana and I had the healthiest breakfast of mozzarella sticks and diet cokes. Yum! 

Good times! <3