Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Alice and Kona

This is my friend's kitty, Alice! Isn't she adorable? AND this is Kona, my baby!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Question Reality

Key Club & Rainbow Room

Went to go support a local band the other weekend. They were playing at the Key Club in Hollywood a few Friday nights ago. I went with Greg and Brandi and we had a grand ol' time of drinkin' and smokin' hehe.

Gloomy days

Most of my Saturday's, unlike my Sunday's (which are spent going to the mall or relaxing), are spent getting up relatively early and finding some sort of adventure to embark on. Whether it is going to the beach, searching for poppy fields, going for a hike, or driving out to L.A, I like to be doing something outdoors.
Last Saturday, a friend of mine and I drove out to the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway). As we made our way down Decker Canyon, the sky faded from baby blue to gloomy gray. We stopped on the side of the road somewhere passed Neptune's Net and Leo Carrillo.
In our sandals and dresses, we climbed down a bunch of rocks to a little secluded beach. Since it was soon to be a hi-tide, we found two big flat rocks to lay on.
Then the best thing happened...dolphins appeared! They were so close to shore! I wanted to run into the water and swim with them. :)
I didn't...but that would of been amazing. :)