Monday, November 29, 2010

wine makes you feel fine

I am IN LOVE with my photoshoot with my LONG LOST ice skating friend DIANA! It's so crazy how a like we are! I swear, ice skating made us soo into fashion, music, sexy lingerie, and blessed us with hot bodies. <3

Sprinkles w/ Jeremy

My buddy Jeremy and I drove to Sprinkles cupcakes last weekend. It is sooo damn good!!! Strawberry is by far the best. Red Velvet is their second best. I snapped this photo as we were waiting in line, drooling over all the options.
I got, Maple Spice, Strawberry & two Red Velvet (which was supposed to be pumpkin...but I think they didn't hear me correctly!). It's ok though, because, the red velvet beats the pumpkin!
I managed not to eat one until the NEXT day!
We went to get sushi afterwards which was so amazing. I was having a drunken photoshoot with Diana that night, so I figured I'd save the heavenly cupcakes for a nice morning hang over. :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

This long weekend I...

1. Ate delicious sushi

2. Had a photoshoot!

3. Drank too much

4. Ate too much

5. Laughed a lot

6. Drove to Burbank and Beverly Hills

7. Layed in bed all day

8. Found some good deals

9. Drove past Cielo Drive

10. Did not exercise much

Friday, November 26, 2010

i amuse myself

hehee. My kiwi looked like hairy balls, so, y'know, i couldn't resist with that banana laying next to it! :)

Black Friday

Drove out to Burbank this morning and picked up a needed supply of concealer @ Cinema Secret. They have THE BEST make up. In fact, it's so amazing that I drive 40 minutes every other month to pick some up! I have been doing this since 2007...I also converted two of my girlfriends to do the same.
The big size is $20 and it lasts me a good two or three months. I use it everyday too. I most def recommend. This is what we used at make up school and this is what they use in Hollywood. It's amazing.

So, the 101 freeway today was not jam packed like it normally is! I guess everyone really was at the mall! Ha, I must be kidding myself, OF COURSE they were at the mall. I attempted to go to Topanga Mall, since Katie was working @ Macy's, but after literally 60 minutes of wasting gas circling the mall parking lot, I got annoyed and left. First stop, the gas station and then the second attempt at a mall. This time it was Thousand Oaks mall, which I found a parking spot in literally 60 seconds.

Got a cute teal and black lace bra from Express. OG $28.50, on sale for $14.99 + an additional 30% off! Walked away with it only paying $11!
Next stop - Forever 21. Nothing special. Next. Aerie - cute, but too cute. Next. Urban Outfitters - I wish they had more things on sale. At least do 10-20% off your non sale items! I don't have $78 to spend on a faux leather purse! But I do have $9.99 to spend on a cute pair of light colored skinny jeans!
I also picked up the cutest birthday card for Katie, some strawberry hi-chew's, an army green loose sweater from Papaya, and Nation Lampoon's Christmas Vacation DVD! I love Chevy Chase!!

Merry Christmas To Me!!!


Sunday, November 14, 2010

COE weekend

I have ate so much since Thursday. I have to work my ass off (cardio and weights) this week! Thursday I had avocado eggrolls at The Cheesecake Factory with Katie. Then we went to Cupcakery and I ate 2 cupcakes that day. Friday, we went to Red Robin, where I was good by eating a salad, but we also go free french fries. Saturday I had mom's homemade meat pie (with lil bits of bacon. NOM). Jeremy came over with a 6 pack of Fat Tire as I was making pumpkin scones. (I am disgusted in myself right now lol) Today I had The Cheesecake Factory once again and I ate cheese pizza, which half the pizza is awaiting me to finish it for dinner. The positive to all this crap I have consumed each day is that I only ate one meal a day.
 cupcakes & mushrooms ooo!
Katie @ Cheesecake today
and my scones!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I love this boy!
Took him on three walks today. 
Walking is his most favorite hobby ever.
Whenever I put flat shoes on (i am always in heals)
he starts crying and jumping up and down
and will not stop until he sees the
leash in my hands,
crazy boy.


I love California sunsets. It's always different looking everyday. Some days it's pretty weak, and other days
you experience such a beautiful

Happy Unbirthday To Me

Went to Cupcakery with Katie today. (as well as Starbucks & Cheesecake Factory)
We got some cupcakes. I got a pumpkin for my dear friend, Ryan
a smores for my brother
and unbirthday cake+pumpkin for me.
I have yet to eat the cute unbirthday cake
but the pumpkin was pretty freaking amazing.
It even had crust on the bottom
and a mini pumpkin cookie on top!

Happy Veteran's Day
Thank you to everyone who has served this country~! 
You Are American Hero's.


Saw the brilliant A Perfect Circle last night at the Avalon in Hollywood. It was such a great show! They did a mixture of random songs from each album, as well as create new remixes of others. The sound was great, the energy was alive, and the venue was beyond intimate. They also did a remix to 3 Libras which was such a pleasant surprise!

I snagged up a new sweatshirt for the winter. It has my favorite lyrics from my favorite song of A P C.