Saturday, April 11, 2009

Friday night fun

Spring Break is over (officially on Monday) which doesn't really make a difference in my life. The semester will be over at the end of next month, which means the quicker Spring Break is over, the quicker the whole semester will be over!

Last night, I met M @ West Coast. Met up with friends and shared pitchers of Hef. MMM.

The night was enjoyable, filled with good drinks and good music. I ran into a few old friends/acquaintances which is always cool. I have been meaning to drive out to the valley and visit my friend Skip, but have not been able to. Turns out I didn't have to because he was out and about last night! We caught up on life, cheers each other and watched M sing up on stage.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

the 80's!!!

Back to the 80's
Feb 26 2009 by Joanne Welford, Evening Gazette

IF you still have a wardrobe full of leggings and batwing tops - don’t despair. Eighties style is back with a vengeance. Joanne Welford reports.
HAVE you still got a ra ra skirt lurking somewhere at the back of your wardrobe? What about a pair of leggings or, dare we say it, a jumpsuit and a pair of ankle boots?
Well, don’t get rid of your gear. The Eighties boulder shoulder pads and Sue-Ellen suits are long gone, but there’s a definite retro influence on shape and colour that owes a lot to the early days of Madonna, pictured.
Mel Morrison, deputy manager at Miss Selfridge in Middlesbrough, says there are lots of leggings, frills and vest style tops giving an exciting new spin to this season’s looks.
“Eighties looks are definitely in,” says Mel.
“It is easy to wear and is about being a little bit different rather than going for the average jeans-and-a-top look.”
Tops with full sleeves matched with a waist hugging belt, leggings and vests and plenty of accessories are key.
And, says Mel, so is colour.
“It is what you make of it and what you feel comfortable in,” she says. “There is lots of colour around, too.”

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The lady at Its A Grind

After work yesterday, I went over to It's A Grind, down the street from my house. I started walking over and noticed a lady in front of me. From behind she looked like she was in her 20's due to her fake long blonde extentions or wig, her hooker heels, and petite body. In actuality she was in her 50's.
She notices a stern looking man in his 50's with a thick mustashe. She walks up to him and asks "Brian? You must be Brian." It sure was Brian. I guess I had witnessed the beginning of the blind date.
All is normal until the lady turns around and I almost fainted in horror! I feel bad for saying that, but god damn lady, who the fuck is your surgean and how is he lisenced!?! Her face was frightening! She looked like the cat lady or Michael Jackson with clown lips (not a joke)!
I stood there in shock as I waited for my iced vanilla latte. I contemplated informing her that she was no longer 21 and to start acting her age. I bit my tounge and stayed put.
A part of me felt kind of bad for her. Life is hard and aging sucks. There's only so much you can do to pause the process until you end up looking like a cartoon character. :shrugs: