Monday, September 27, 2010

fun apps

I love the "Picture Show" app on my iPhone. It will take a photo and add multiple exposures to it! Unfortunately, it only does it with one photo at a time. It's cool though, until they make an app that will allow multiple photos for multiple exposures, I'll continue to play with my split film cam and hopefully soon my holga ( i still need to buy one).


It was a weekend of weddings a couple weeks ago! First, was Stacey's wedding over in Malibu Lake on September 17th. Katie was a bridesmaid, too! Malibu lake is so beautiful, and I would of never knew it were their if it weren't for Stacey having her wedding in such a nice place. :)

The next day was Liz's wedding! Her and Brett were married on Leo Carillo State Beach. It was BEAUTIFUL. See for yourself...
Such a great time! Great friends! Great memories!

photos by me:)