Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Sometimes things don't necessarily turn out how you expect or wanted things to turn out. Sometimes what you want is not what you need and what you need is not what you want. I think I have begun to understand this a little more clearly.

The past 2 1/2 years have been nice. The prior year 1/2 before was a horrible time in my life. Never date an alcoholic musician trust fund kid from the San Fernando Valley. It won't end up like you think.

I'm really happy right now. I'm so happy with how much I've grown in the past 2 years. I used to be so naive when it came to men, but now I feel like I have a better understanding of what I want from a man. I think it took much heart break to end up here but I am glad I experienced it when I did, rather then later in life. Not to say I WONT experience another a**hole but at least I am more aware. :)

Which brings me to the topic of dating...

How do you not lead someone on? I seem to do this quite a bit, I beleive. I'm not sure if it's because I'm friendly and guys take that as I'm hitting on them when in reality i'm just being myself! I'm very picky, so i'm not interested in every guy I see. It takes a lot for me to fall for a man. The only problem is...I always seem to fall for the unavailable types. Whether it be my friend in Wales (distance) or my friend here (...who i like more and more everyday...) but then I meet this cute auditor who was auditing at my work for two weeks, so I gave him my number. He called. He lives in Redondo Beach and I live in Ventura County so the distance is about an hour+ away from each other, which makes getting together difficult! Not to mention the fact he works 6 days a week! Don't think I'm looking for anything serious. He did text me last night, asking if he could call me today. He probably wants to go out this weekend...hmmm....


So this weekend, my friend Katie and I went out to Hollywood because B REAL from Cypress Hill was having an album release party. When we were driving out of Bel Air and into Beverly Hills/Hollywood area we saw this sign...
We drove past club "Social" and noticed that the line was insanely long. All of Hollywood was just INSANE on Saturday because of the Oscars that were going on the next day. They had Hollywood & Highland closed and the traffic on Sunset Blvd was hideous! We even saw a undercover cop driving a crap car talking on his walkie talkie! We ended up at Mel's Diner. Katie got a shake, I got a sandwhich & Corona! Yum yum!!

When we were done we decided to get away from Hollywood for the night and head on over to Santa Monica. From the 405 we took the 10 and exit Lincoln Blvd where we ended up at La Cabana, a mexican resturant open until 3am!!! This is where we met up with the auditor and his gorgeous friends! Katie sat next to a male model from Costa Rica, named Carlos! Across the table was the Brad Pitt look-a-like who also drove an all black motorcycle and looked amazing!! I told him he looked like Brad Pitt and then he insisted I tell his girlfriend. haha. Lucky girl!
We left around 2:20 and when we walked out of the resturant we witnessed a helicoper/police chase that happened to end up across the street from where we were. Looked like 3 kids (2 boys and 1 girl) my age who got busted. Must have robbed somewhere or maybe it was drug related. It was getting late, so we headed back to Moorpark and called it a night!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Urban Dresses

Currently wearing: Grey ankle boots, Hudson jeans and white V-neck Express shirt. Braclets and necklaces.

Happy Friday! I survived the week!!! Didn't even take a day off work like I was planning. I figured I was broke and could not do anything fun or even take my ass to lunch so I opted just going to work and dealing with it. Now today is payday and I am happy I didn't take a day off. I'll have to save those for a super lazy day and my vacation to the UK this summer.

Tomorrow I got on the list to get into club "Social" to attend B Real (Cypress Hill) album release party. Still undecided if I am attending or not. It's me plus 3 i beleive so i'm calling up friends to see if they are interested. I used to work at B Real's CPA office (as well as white stripes, system of a down, motely crew, audioslave, deftones, rage against the machine, etc etc etc) in Encino, CA. Although, the reason I may not want to go is because I may meet up with this cute boy I've been talking to the last week or two. We will have to see...a night in Ho Wood doesn't sound too bad at all!

Got an email from http://www.urbanoutfitters.com this morning. I am truly loving that blue tube top dress. It also resembles a corset top. Sexy yet very romantic, and the pockets are cute!

But if there is any dress that I desire right now it would be this pinafore blue and white striped dress ($80) from http://www.topshop.com new spring/summer collection. It would look perfect with my red heels and some bright red lip stick!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

i want to be a stylist

Photoshoots such as the one below are what make me want to become a stylist. The school that I graduated from for make up (The Academy of Make Up and Fashion in Hollywood, CA) also has a stylist program to become a certified stylist. Barbara Layne is the instructor and she has manys and plentys of contacts in the biz. I will have to look into this more. Works over. Time for class.

London Calling

This summer I will be taking my precious ass to LAX and hoping on a plane to LHR and will then spend the next 3-4 weeks in England, Wales and France.

I have a friend (ok maybe a lil more than a friend) in Cardiff (Alex) and a friend in Birmingham (Jessie) which I will be staying with. I just need to start saving money now and do my taxes so I can get my tax return and pay off my last vacation in order to take a new vacationl. HA!

Oh, Alex is also taking me to Liverpool! We have been to Abbey Road together, as well as Las Vegas where we saw the Beatles "LOVE" show. It just seems natural to go to Liverpool, hit up the Cavern and get drunk like a wanka! ;-)

June 2008. Carfiff Bay, South Wales UK

We took a bus tour around London and across the bridge. We ended up at the London Tower, where I saw the crown jewels...and I thought...can I just have ONE diamond??? Just one???!?!?! So breathtaking!

London is the best place ever. If only I lived there....

Monday, February 16, 2009

President's Days

I am working. I am not happy about this. My whole family got to sleep in like little babies today while I got up at 6:30AM to the lovely sound of rain which made me just want to snuggle up in bed and sleep in. Unfortunately, I did not. I think tomorrow sounds like a brilliant day to sleep in, that way I get the whole house to myself! Hehee.

I am being way too much of a rebelious aquarius today. hehee. I can feel the need to be shockingly different today, more so than other days.