Sunday, October 31, 2010

That time I drank a lot of "jungle juice"...

I went to a fun fun fun party
on Friday night!
It happened to be right next to
by old work building.
This is my bench.
I was the first one to sit on it when
it was installed.
Anyway, the party was great. Kegger/Jungle Juice!
I got in for free, thanks to Mike!
I brought my buddy Jeremy with me.
He was a cable guy,
I was Penny Lane.
My fav outfit was Mike for most scary
and Ryan for most funny (popeye!)
A few bands played
and I danced with Brandy Bumble Bee.
Got hit on by the jocker (who was dressed like a Dr.)
and found out that I can play
a trumpet!!!

Hollywood part uno

i discovered carmel apple cider
from Starbucks
Actually, I always knew about it
I just never tried it.
And holy sh*t!
it's aMaZiNg.
Esp with whipped cream.

So I met Katie in good ol' Woodland Hills
we got starbucks
and drove to Van Nuys
drove up Beverly Blvd
down Mullholland
and right down 
Benedict Canyon.
We made a stop at Cielo Drive.
Of course.

Hollywood part 2

After our drive from the valley
into Bev Hills on Benedict,
We got cupcakes at Sprinkles.
Strawberry, Coconut and Carmel Apple.
We drove over to Beverly Blvd and got some mexican food

(chicken quesadilla and jalapeno poppers)
and drank banana and peach margaritas.

Drove past Jean Harlow's last house
And the Witch's House

Then I asked the security guards outside 
The Playboy Mansion
if I could get into the 
Halloween Party.

Denied. :(

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween 2010!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010

Las Vegas cupcakes

My friend Jeremy surprised me with a box of cupcakes straight from The Cupcakery in Las Vegas! He literally held onto them the entire flight back to Los Angeles, protecting them from any damage. He got me Strawberry Dream and Red Velvet. Both were amazing! The strawberry even had edible glitter on it! :) (although I started to devour it before taking a decent photo.)

San Diego

I had a pretty good time on Friday night hanging out with a friend, although, getting home at 3:00 A.M didn't help me to be particularly excited to wake up at 8 A.M to head down to San Diego. Thankfully, I wasn't driving and got to rest a bit on the drive down.

San Diego was beautiful, like always. We visited Liz, while her husband was out of town on business. She is two months away from having a baby! She's getting bigger everyday!

We went out to dinner for some Chinese food, hit up the Red Light District, ate pizza, drank wine, and watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show, which was my first time, and it was hilarious. :)

Sunday, we went to Balboa Park and walked around, went to an orchid exhibit, saw a bunch of trippy flowers, turtles, got pictures of airplanes flying over my head, drank good coffee, yummy oatmeal and a pomegranate mimosa.

Liz's Great Dane puppy, Bear.
It's always very nice to get out of town (even for a day) to help get your mind off of things. :)

Photos taken with my hipstamatic app on my iPhone

Sunday, October 17, 2010


This weekend would of been a great day for rain boots. Even though it wasn't very rainy, the sprinkling would of been a damn good excuse to sport these rain boots (color is similar to the underneath part of my hair!) from ModCloth
and these light lace caramel brown boots also from ModCloth.
Or this retro green "Hawk Ridge Coat"
and this sweet cupcake iPhone cover

Is also loving this black dress from UO and this couch, perfect for reading a book on a rainy day Sunday.

i love veggies

veggies are the best.

cho cho san's and late nights

Ahhh, how I LOVE my weekends and appreciate them so very much. Friday night I met Katie after work at Starbucks and we hung out there for a while and ran a few Halloween errands at Target. Got some dinner at Wood Ranch. I got a delish Strawberry Basil martini and an Asian salad. I ended up going home afterwards since I still had a bit of a cold. After watching episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm, an unexpected surprise of a text message from Devin poped up on my iPhone. Apparently, he was at his mom's house for the weekend before flying home to Colorado. I drove over there at 1am Saturday morning and chilled with him. Spent the whole weekend pretty much with him. We chilled outside talking until 4am drinking Pumpkin Ale and talking politics and life, which is what we always did back in the day but we would be on the roof of my parent's house.
Saturday, I got my hair done (blonde with dark red/purple underneath) and went out to Cho Cho San's for some delicious sushi with Devin, Ben, Devin's mom Christi, and Greg. It was a good night. A good cold and drizzly night! I tried one of Christi's stuffed mushrooms she ordered, which was heavenly beyond words. I also got my favorite roll, the 911. Melts in your mouth! nom!

Monday, October 11, 2010


Me and Conor Oberst in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2002 at a Rilo Kiley concert.

I've got a cold. Time to get some sleep. xoxo

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Vanity Fair Nov 2010

"I picked up a light-weight chair and slammed it...against the glass intentionally. It took a lot of banging to get even a small piece of glass- so I went over with the glass concealed in my hand and sat quietly on the bed waiting for them to come in. They did, and I said to them 'if you are going to treat me like a nut, I'll act like a nut.' "

-Marilyn Monroe on being in the psychiatric ward.


Go pick up the lastest Vanity Fair with Marilyn Monroe on the cover. 

photo cred: vanity fair [dot] com

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bob's Big Boy and Bev Hills Hotel

Lots of driving today! Katie and I went to Cinema Secrets for make up and to check out Halloween costumes. We found this Marsha Brady wig that would be perfect as a Sharon Tate wig! I still don't know what I am going as but my initial idea was to be a hippie, so I think Sharon would be perfect!

After buying make up, we made our way to Bob's Big Boy in Toluca Lake! We magically found Marilyn Monroe sitting at the counter!
How cool is that? I wonder if she dresses like that everyday or if she is an actress or impersonator...? maybe an impersonator at universal studios, perhaps? I may never know, but what I do know is that it was awesome and that I just had to walk up to her and ask for a photo.

After dining, in total 50's diner style, we went over the hill down Benedict Canyon. Made a quick stop at Cielo Drive to take a picture and then off to The Beverly Hills Hotel to drop Katie off with Noelle.
I eventually made it home after a few stops and made some spiced pumpkin bread 
i seriously suggest going to your nearest world market and pick up their mix. it is SO good.