Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

I am doing so well with the non smoking!!! I haven't had a cig since December 4th, 2011! Go me! Everyday gets easier. I can do this.

I've had to seclude myself some bars's just a bit difficult right now but I know that in the future it will get easier.

It's officially 2012. I hope this year brings grand things. There are only a few NYR I have this year...

1. Save as much $ as I can for down payment of mini cooper.

2. Sharon portrait tattoo

3. Save $ for another trip to the UK.

4. Take Excel (I, II, & III) courses.

5. Continue jogging ;-P

I think those are all do-able!

My first marathon is on January 21st!! I am excited!


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