Sunday, August 22, 2010


Ahhh, classic coca-cola! There is nothing better then soda in a bottle! My favorite store for such joy would be Rocketfizz. It's so tempting, I have to force myself not to enter the store, or else I walk out 5lbs heavier! They have every brand of root beer, orange cream sodas, cream sodas, grape sodas, etc, all in bottles! Not to mention, every old skool candy you can think of, including a mass amount of salt water taffy.
So, if you are assuming I went their this weekend, you are wrong! I went to an equally great joyous place known as Cupcakery. This is where I bought this bottle of coca-cola, which ended up all over the floor of my car. Friggin pointless piece of shit cup-holders!

p.S. I tried a chocolate cake/vanilla bean frosting vegan cupcake. Very good!!

Photos by me 

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