Thursday, March 31, 2011


Drained. Mentally.

I haven't posted all month. Wow. I suck.

It was a pretty good month, besides today (the last day of it) I got water on my iPhone and it died. I think it's done. It's in a bag o rice right now. It was still working after the water got on it and was luckily able to write down my crush's phone number. Then it went dead.

Oh well, I can use an upgrade and finally get the iPhone 4. It all works out. I'll just be short $200 bux. I will just have to not spend much next paycheck to get back to my saving for my convertible mini cooper. <3

I saw my crush today but he did not talk to me. I got a wave. His co worker, who has a crush on me, talked with me though. I guess you want what you can't have. Although, I am still trying to figure out why the hell I would want a player.

Work is going good. It's busy and stressful,  but I am learning a lot and feel more confident in myself.

Here are photos from the month of March:

made cupcakes

my buddy played at the ventura theater
morning sunrise
beautiful sunsets
sharon tate inspired make up
got my hair did!
st. patty's day!
my friend painted a photo of me!
happy bday to two of the greatest guys!
goodbye iPhone 3GS

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