Thursday, September 22, 2011

No hope

Sitting in bed feeling numb and withdrawn from life. I'm emotionless, yet so emotional. On the outside I am trying to be tough, and y'know, cool, calm, and collected. But on the inside I am sad and angry. Is he just Oblivious? Or is he just another asshole? I mean, if my friend were dating a guy who she has continuously invited over to her apt and he has consistently canceled, yet will then say "but you can come over tonight" (even tho she was going to have him over after work and cook him dinner)....I think I'd be a bit skeptical that she was just a booty call. Someone who shows no desire to meet your friends or hang out at your new apartment, but just wants her to come over at night or meet her at the bar (where she ends up driving him home bc he's on probation for a DUI). Or if he has plans with her, then cancels to go to the bar with his doushebag brother to drink a few pitchers of beer... Then reschedules for the next day and then, oh my god...get this, will cancel, again! ...yet invites her over later that night...

I'd tell my friend to never talk to him again.

Which is exactly what my friends told me and exactly what I am going to do.


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