Monday, June 8, 2009

A day of Marilyn Monroe

Out of nowhere a few weeks ago, Marilyn Monroe popped into my head. Katie and I met for coffee and would discuss how we didn't think her death was caused by suicide, rather murder. With the research I have been doing and trusting my intuition, I feel she was murdered by a Kennedy brother or the mob. We may never know…unless they re-open the case and do a thorough autopsy. This has not been done yet.
Since June 1st was her 83rd birthday, Katie and I decided to make it a Marilyn day on Saturday (6/6).
First stop, The house Marilyn died in

Next stop, The Pierce Brothers Memorial Center in Westwood, CA
Hugh Hefner bought the empty crypt to the left of Marilyn.

Katie and I in Marilyn inspired outfits.
Says "in" underneath his name, haha.
Bettie Page's grave. Love her!!!
I really thought going to a cemetery would be a little unnerving, but the Pierce Brothers cemetery is so little and peaceful, you almost forget your in one! There were other people there, taking their photos infront of Marilyn's crypt, checking out other actors, or visiting their loved ones.

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