Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Marilyn Day Part 2

After driving from the valley out to Brentwood to visit MM's house, and a stop at the Pierce Brother's Memorial Center, we were a bit exhausted and needed to re-energize ourselves. We decided on Jerry's Deli after cruising around Westwood. Westwood is where the UCLA campus is located, about 15-20 minutes west of LA and 5 minutes west of Hollywood. It's a great college campus and a superb party town!

After Jerry's, we headed over to Sunset and made our next destination...and the last stop of the Marilyn Day. The Beverly Hills Hotel. *MM bungalow 21A*

The top balcony is where she lived for a year of her life.

We decided on a stop @ the famous Polo Lounge in the BHH for a cocktail. What a beautiful place it is, and the amazing staff is a bonus!
At the pool side cabana looking at the back of the hotel.
Katie and the Ian Zeiring look-a-like from NYC.
Livin' it up in the bathroom. Really, I could live in this bathroom. Absolutely amazing and clean. A+
Staff members = A+

We left the hotel around 10PM, and headed for the valley. My friend was DJing that night at Smile's Night Club in Sherman Oaks, and we decided to check it out. Good times.

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