Friday, February 20, 2009

Urban Dresses

Currently wearing: Grey ankle boots, Hudson jeans and white V-neck Express shirt. Braclets and necklaces.

Happy Friday! I survived the week!!! Didn't even take a day off work like I was planning. I figured I was broke and could not do anything fun or even take my ass to lunch so I opted just going to work and dealing with it. Now today is payday and I am happy I didn't take a day off. I'll have to save those for a super lazy day and my vacation to the UK this summer.

Tomorrow I got on the list to get into club "Social" to attend B Real (Cypress Hill) album release party. Still undecided if I am attending or not. It's me plus 3 i beleive so i'm calling up friends to see if they are interested. I used to work at B Real's CPA office (as well as white stripes, system of a down, motely crew, audioslave, deftones, rage against the machine, etc etc etc) in Encino, CA. Although, the reason I may not want to go is because I may meet up with this cute boy I've been talking to the last week or two. We will have to see...a night in Ho Wood doesn't sound too bad at all!

Got an email from this morning. I am truly loving that blue tube top dress. It also resembles a corset top. Sexy yet very romantic, and the pockets are cute!

But if there is any dress that I desire right now it would be this pinafore blue and white striped dress ($80) from new spring/summer collection. It would look perfect with my red heels and some bright red lip stick!

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