Tuesday, February 17, 2009

London Calling

This summer I will be taking my precious ass to LAX and hoping on a plane to LHR and will then spend the next 3-4 weeks in England, Wales and France.

I have a friend (ok maybe a lil more than a friend) in Cardiff (Alex) and a friend in Birmingham (Jessie) which I will be staying with. I just need to start saving money now and do my taxes so I can get my tax return and pay off my last vacation in order to take a new vacationl. HA!

Oh, Alex is also taking me to Liverpool! We have been to Abbey Road together, as well as Las Vegas where we saw the Beatles "LOVE" show. It just seems natural to go to Liverpool, hit up the Cavern and get drunk like a wanka! ;-)

June 2008. Carfiff Bay, South Wales UK

We took a bus tour around London and across the bridge. We ended up at the London Tower, where I saw the crown jewels...and I thought...can I just have ONE diamond??? Just one???!?!?! So breathtaking!

London is the best place ever. If only I lived there....

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