Monday, November 29, 2010

Sprinkles w/ Jeremy

My buddy Jeremy and I drove to Sprinkles cupcakes last weekend. It is sooo damn good!!! Strawberry is by far the best. Red Velvet is their second best. I snapped this photo as we were waiting in line, drooling over all the options.
I got, Maple Spice, Strawberry & two Red Velvet (which was supposed to be pumpkin...but I think they didn't hear me correctly!). It's ok though, because, the red velvet beats the pumpkin!
I managed not to eat one until the NEXT day!
We went to get sushi afterwards which was so amazing. I was having a drunken photoshoot with Diana that night, so I figured I'd save the heavenly cupcakes for a nice morning hang over. :)

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