Sunday, November 14, 2010

COE weekend

I have ate so much since Thursday. I have to work my ass off (cardio and weights) this week! Thursday I had avocado eggrolls at The Cheesecake Factory with Katie. Then we went to Cupcakery and I ate 2 cupcakes that day. Friday, we went to Red Robin, where I was good by eating a salad, but we also go free french fries. Saturday I had mom's homemade meat pie (with lil bits of bacon. NOM). Jeremy came over with a 6 pack of Fat Tire as I was making pumpkin scones. (I am disgusted in myself right now lol) Today I had The Cheesecake Factory once again and I ate cheese pizza, which half the pizza is awaiting me to finish it for dinner. The positive to all this crap I have consumed each day is that I only ate one meal a day.
 cupcakes & mushrooms ooo!
Katie @ Cheesecake today
and my scones!

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