Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

Drove out to Burbank this morning and picked up a needed supply of concealer @ Cinema Secret. They have THE BEST make up. In fact, it's so amazing that I drive 40 minutes every other month to pick some up! I have been doing this since 2007...I also converted two of my girlfriends to do the same.
The big size is $20 and it lasts me a good two or three months. I use it everyday too. I most def recommend. This is what we used at make up school and this is what they use in Hollywood. It's amazing.

So, the 101 freeway today was not jam packed like it normally is! I guess everyone really was at the mall! Ha, I must be kidding myself, OF COURSE they were at the mall. I attempted to go to Topanga Mall, since Katie was working @ Macy's, but after literally 60 minutes of wasting gas circling the mall parking lot, I got annoyed and left. First stop, the gas station and then the second attempt at a mall. This time it was Thousand Oaks mall, which I found a parking spot in literally 60 seconds.

Got a cute teal and black lace bra from Express. OG $28.50, on sale for $14.99 + an additional 30% off! Walked away with it only paying $11!
Next stop - Forever 21. Nothing special. Next. Aerie - cute, but too cute. Next. Urban Outfitters - I wish they had more things on sale. At least do 10-20% off your non sale items! I don't have $78 to spend on a faux leather purse! But I do have $9.99 to spend on a cute pair of light colored skinny jeans!
I also picked up the cutest birthday card for Katie, some strawberry hi-chew's, an army green loose sweater from Papaya, and Nation Lampoon's Christmas Vacation DVD! I love Chevy Chase!!

Merry Christmas To Me!!!

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