Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I finally bought myself a birthday present! A belated birthday present that is. Oh, wait...that's not true. I bought myself an adorable lil mustard yellow mini purse @ Urban a couple days before my birthday. Yeah, when I got home the zipper wasn't working. I took it back in the next day and exchanged it for a new one. While I was at the Ween concert (6 hours after I purchased it), the zipper stopped working once again and then to top it off, the strap broke!!! So I was stuck at the show with a tiny purse which did not zip up and a broken strap! Not fun. I ended up getting my money back and just now purchased what I wanted originally: The Instax 7s Mini.
I got a camera, a case and 2 sets of film for only $100.90 off Amazon + Free Shipping

Urban's price for the cam alone = $130
2 Sets of film = $30
and they did not have a case for sale

:-) I am happy.

pic: google images

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