Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ronald Reagan Library

Bought these off today. I need a cute read pair of wedges. Perfect for Spring and Summer time!

This weekend was quite rainy, which made me happy! I love a good rainy weekend. I really do belong in the UK or a city such as Portland or Seattle. I could most def see myself living in any of those rainy cities

I went to the Ronald Reagan Library with Jeremy this weekend. It was a great time! The view up on the hill is so beautiful! Even with the rain and heavy gloomy clouds!

I managed to take some great shots with my new Instax Polaroid cam too.

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  1. Wonderful photos:-) I'm planning on going to library on a rainy day as well. Will the rain ruin the experience meaning are most of the attractions indoors? I know there are memorials are outdoors, but what I want to know if you,d recommend waiting for a sunnier day. Tina