Tuesday, February 1, 2011

relaxin alone

Sitting in bed watching Garden State and eating spicy whole wheat chicken noodle soup. Feels good to be relaxing.

Last week, I was dating this guy. We went out like every night to the local pub down the street from my house. It was fun while it lasted. He isn't who I want though. I def want to be his friend still but there were plenty of red flags that waved in front of my eyes (possessive, unstable, bad boy, no job) I have to be true to myself. I want a non possessive, stable, good MAN, with a career.

I am patient, I can wait for the right one. Being alone isn't anything new for me, and it's rather comforting in a way.

I just need to not focus on guys and focus on myself.

I refuse to see or text my lover (this is such a HUGE accomplishment for me)
My crush (my barista) has a g/f
And this new guy is borderline obsessed with me.

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