Tuesday, February 1, 2011

WEEN concert/My 25th Birthday

Saturday night was the WEEN concert out in Hollywood @ The Wiltern. Korea town to be exact. And if anyone is a Jane's addiction fan, we stayed at a hotel on the corner of St. Andrew's and Wilshire. He he.
We got into town and checked into the hotel, opened some heineken's and chilled for a while. Then took a taxi over to Sunset where we ate at Toi Thai. Very yummy thai food with a cool rock n roll atmosphere.
Then headed back over to Wilshire to the WEEN concert!!! Might I say, it was such a great show. They put all those young artists who play a hour concert to shame! They played for three hours! Amazing.

Then it was off to go party! Drank in the hotel room until 5AM and celebrated my 25th birthday with shots and beers!



Good times with good friends and good music and good drinks! =)

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