Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Damn, you coffee!

I am having the worst week of luck. I just spilled my latte all over my light army green skirt. I am at work, so I do not have an oppurtunity to change. I was so excited today because I haven't worn a skirt in a while and whalllllla, i spill coffee all over it!
I am wearing my new JS high heels, forever 21 black shiny leggings w/ zippers at the bottom, my now latte covered army green DC skirt and cute black open back top from...? not sure.
After work on Monday, I was walking to my car when a voice inside my head said "You don't have your keys". I put down my bag full of school books, mail, folders, etc on the trunk of my car. I turned my head for .05 seconds and my bag fell off my car and all my loose papers stared flying around and went under my car. :( I got down on my hands and knees, trying to grab all the papers, looking like an idiot. The bonus to this story is that it happened right infront of my friend (a guy) that I have strong feelings for. Humiliating...

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