Thursday, March 19, 2009

I want him so bad

I have strong feelings for my friend. He knows this. I started having feelings for him the first time I layed eyes on him. (Nov '07)
He is not a jerk. He is kind and gentle.
He is an Aquarius, like myself. He has Aquarius in Venus, like myself. His mars is in cancer and mine is in scorpio (cancer + scorpio = conjunction). As well as a lot of Sagittarius in our charts.
He actually has two or three planets in alignment with Aquarius, I have four.
He is 31. I am 23. He may think i am too young, but i am not.. We both have hazel eyes. We both even stand the same! We both want to have fun and be single. (However, if he asked me out, i'd jump at the chance.)
I have backed off on getting my hopes set high....but I secretly have hope...Hah.
I don't need to be his or in a relationship with him...(but I do believe in dreams coming true). He means so much to me on a different level than a "crush". He has taught me much in life without realizing it and has def helped me not be so neive. 
I look up to him. He is perfect in my eyes.
He will always hold a place in my heart.
The sad news company is moving location in August. He works in the same building as me (diff company) which is great because we get to see each other daily and have smoke breaks. When we move, i'll only see him when he wants to see me. :(

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