Saturday, March 28, 2009


Strange seems to be the key word of my Friday.

*miscomunication with friend at work.

*my friend M and I both texted each other the same thing at the same time.

*M also was sporting the Abbey Road bag (see post below) in light brown!

*we both had on leggings, a mini skirt, and a tshirt on.

*ended up at my ex best friend K's ex boyfriend B's apartment with M (B's neighbor growing up!) and 2 of my old neighbors I grew up with.

The day did end better than it started, so I can't complain! I went out with M to get some drinks and see some live local music. I was impressed too! A mixture of reggae, classical, hip hop, indie rock. M even went up on "stage" (lack of) and sang!! I was so impressed with her for being confident (my shirt that night said confident, strange.) Good times.

Today has been the opposite of strange, but a rather lazy and indulgent day of pampering myself with candles and a bubble bath! well as a California Pizza Kitchen Garlic Chicken Pizza. MMM!

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