Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bob's Big Boy and Bev Hills Hotel

Lots of driving today! Katie and I went to Cinema Secrets for make up and to check out Halloween costumes. We found this Marsha Brady wig that would be perfect as a Sharon Tate wig! I still don't know what I am going as but my initial idea was to be a hippie, so I think Sharon would be perfect!

After buying make up, we made our way to Bob's Big Boy in Toluca Lake! We magically found Marilyn Monroe sitting at the counter!
How cool is that? I wonder if she dresses like that everyday or if she is an actress or impersonator...? maybe an impersonator at universal studios, perhaps? I may never know, but what I do know is that it was awesome and that I just had to walk up to her and ask for a photo.

After dining, in total 50's diner style, we went over the hill down Benedict Canyon. Made a quick stop at Cielo Drive to take a picture and then off to The Beverly Hills Hotel to drop Katie off with Noelle.
I eventually made it home after a few stops and made some spiced pumpkin bread 
i seriously suggest going to your nearest world market and pick up their mix. it is SO good.

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