Sunday, October 17, 2010

cho cho san's and late nights

Ahhh, how I LOVE my weekends and appreciate them so very much. Friday night I met Katie after work at Starbucks and we hung out there for a while and ran a few Halloween errands at Target. Got some dinner at Wood Ranch. I got a delish Strawberry Basil martini and an Asian salad. I ended up going home afterwards since I still had a bit of a cold. After watching episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm, an unexpected surprise of a text message from Devin poped up on my iPhone. Apparently, he was at his mom's house for the weekend before flying home to Colorado. I drove over there at 1am Saturday morning and chilled with him. Spent the whole weekend pretty much with him. We chilled outside talking until 4am drinking Pumpkin Ale and talking politics and life, which is what we always did back in the day but we would be on the roof of my parent's house.
Saturday, I got my hair done (blonde with dark red/purple underneath) and went out to Cho Cho San's for some delicious sushi with Devin, Ben, Devin's mom Christi, and Greg. It was a good night. A good cold and drizzly night! I tried one of Christi's stuffed mushrooms she ordered, which was heavenly beyond words. I also got my favorite roll, the 911. Melts in your mouth! nom!

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