Thursday, October 7, 2010


it's been cold, cloudy and rainy all week! Today was a mix of sunshine, blue skies and fluffy dark clouds. It was really beautiful actually, especially during sunset.
walked with Greg to Albertson's during lunch to get some tea. I am loving Pom's peach tea.

i love walking out of these doors...not in.
peanut butter chocolate and carrot walnut cupcakes from Sweet Arleen's in Westlake. the peanut butter wasn't mine, but the carrot walnut was delicious

right now i have a sudden urge to be weak and contact a guy who could care less if i am dead or alive so instead i am writing this post. i am strong and won't be weak. i will not let a guy's mind games bring me down. i am worth SO much more. :-P I am glad I recognize this..

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