Friday, January 7, 2011

My week

Ahhh, what a week, what a week! It's actually been a very great week!!! Who knew being unemployed could be so much fun! Minus the whole no money thing, but good thing I had a little saved.

Tomorrow I have an interview @ 10:30 in Newbury Park. Not thrilled with the position or company but I need to at least go for the interview and get more info.

Anyway this week:

Monday ~ Pick up box and papers from old job, have a cig with my buddy Greg, drive to get coffee, See my crush!! (He said hi to me and he was off the clock, leaving work, and still said hi with the cutest shy smile! Awwwe!)
Brother's 29th bday. Ordered pizza (stuffed crust nom!) and went out for drinks with Brett and Greg. Fun times!

Tuesday ~ what happened tuesday...hmmmm...i can't remember right now. I do know that I applied for a dozen + jobs...
didn't see crush.
oh, Jeremy took me out for sushi. spicy mango crunch + "heart attack" roll + spicy tempura tuna roll
heart attack roll. jalapeno, cream cheese, spicy tuna + tempura = organism in mouth

Wednesday ~ Applied for jobs. Slept in. Exercised. (not in that order) became Martha f'ing Stewart and baked three dozen amazing chocolate chip cookies for Jeremy, Daniel and myself.
didn't see crush

Went out to Porter Ranch for Daniel's 29th birthday. Ate French Onion Soup and drank 2 glasses of water. Some guy gave me his card and told me to contact him if I were interested in appearing in a TV work out show....he seems legit. has a legit website...but yah. I am not sure if I will contact him.

Thursday ~ slept in, exercised, dropped a resume off, got french fries from arby's, ate 3, went to apple one for 2 hours, went home, cleaned up my resume as i was advised, take three typying tests for Apple One, scored 100% on all three, went out for sushi for Shawn's birthday with Jeremy, Danielle, and Mark, pick Diana up from the BMW dealership in Thousand Oaks, go home, finish online Excel, Word, and Outlook tests for Apple One. Score 90% on all.
feel guilty b/c Shawn bought Jeremy and I sushi because we are broke as*holes. Promise myself to buy Shawn dinner as soon as I get new job.
ate cookies.
didn't see crush.

And tomorrow = job interview, exercise, contemplate going out, but staying in and catching up on reading sounds so good right now. If I go out, I will be tempted to spend money.
Finally apply for Unemployment.

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