Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years Eve

Well, the last day of the year consisted of me getting laid off. Apparently, they "no longer need the receptionist position".

After crying my eyes out, I realized it is ok. I was miserable at that place and have been looking for a new job for a long time. I can collect unemployment and continue looking for something good. Not to mention, going to school.

I am just upset. I worked there for almost four years and they just let me go as if I were a day old temp. I can't even say bye to a lot of the people I care about. A lot of them were on vacation. I am going in tomorrow to pick up my belongings, so I will at least get to say bye to Greg.

So, after going to Starbucks that morning and crying as I am trying to read in my new book, I got up and went over to Mary's where we made Cupcakes and Star Wars cookies for our party that night.

I think the biggest stress was not loosing my job, but disappointing my parents. I think they understand now. They understand I hated my job and the company so much.

It may just be a blessing in disguise.

So New Years Eve night was a blast!!! Diana came out of her apt! I made her. She was sad and I did not want my friend being alone drinking on NYE so Jeremy, Marc, and Danielle picked her up on their way to Mary's. My brother came too! There was so much yummy food to eat and so much yummy alcohol! Danielle made this jungle juice stuff which I drank all night long, minus my champagne at 12:00!

Here are some photos:
Myself & Diana
Diana and my bro, Ben.
The girls <3
The guys <3
Greg and I
My bro and me
Mary and Me
Funny bathroom shots
Funny drunk pics. No it's not what you think, it's a cigar case.
We partied until the early morning and crashed. Diana and Ben crashed next to each other on the couch. haha and I was on the couch next to them and woke up and started meowing at them...apparently...I think I was still drunk haha. We eventually woke Jeremy up by throwing our heels at him and sitting on him and smacking his ass...he eventually woke up and we all went to Denny's at 10:30 where Diana and I had the healthiest breakfast of mozzarella sticks and diet cokes. Yum! 

Good times! <3

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