Sunday, January 16, 2011

da weekend

After starting a new job, this weekend felt so great to sleep in and relax! 
Friday @ work the boss bought us pizza and breadsticks for lunch! So good! I took my lunch and ran over to Cosmoproff to get some hair conditioner and new nail polish. Relaxed in my car after that to clear my mind. I went back to work and the pizza had just arrived! I love how I can eat at my desk! I also love how our cabnets at work are fully stocked with drinks and snacks! Including: peppermint patties, mixed nuts, granola bars, tootsie pops, popcorn, apples, fruit snacks, chocolate, cans of arizona iced tea, soda cans, hot chocolate, coffee, etc. =D
Friday night I went out to J&H because an old friend was DJing and I was meeting up with another old friend. We started a dance party and danced all night! Great times!
Saturday I did a little shopping. Got a new book, bracelet, shorts, socks and coffee cup. I also made a stop to Cupcakery and got the vanilla bean unbirthday cupcake. yum! 
Went out to dinner at Cisco's with G. They have an excellent quesadilla!
Today I am just relaxing. Did some reading at Starbucks with a lovely caramel apple cider. <3
Then back to the grind tomorrow! I hope it's a good week to come!

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