Sunday, January 9, 2011


My professional attire! Went on an interview on Friday which went well. It's an interesting position, not sure if I am totally qualified for it, but we will just wait and see. Hopefully, I get some more soon.
The past two days, I have spent being a loner. :) It has been quite enjoyable though! I went on walks to Starbucks and sat there for a couple hours reading. I wasn't feeling much of being a social person, but I am sure that will all change. Sometimes it's good to have alone time to find inspiration and re-charge the batteries. And by taking walks you can find beauty and inspiration in the little things:
On Friday, I bought some new make up which I am really digging. Este Lauder's Doublewear in the color Linen. It's waterproof and will last all day. I wasn't feeling like driving to Burbank, so I was recommended this type from a friend and am absolutely happy with it. The thing that sold me was that it does not get on my iPhone when I am talking on the phone! Cinema Secrets foundation did.

I also got my new boots from UO in the mail! Black suede boots! Og $100, got 'em for $50!
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