Monday, December 6, 2010

Da Bev Hillbillies

What a weekend! I'm exhausted!! Today I spent the day sleeping in!! Slept until 1 O'clock! This was much needed rest! I went to Target to do some Christmas shopping/browsing. I bought three seasons of The Beverly Hillbillies for only $4.75!! I then spent the rest of the day watching Season 1 & 2. My lovely Sharon also plays the secretary in the show. <3
Friday I got off work early because I work with a genius who scheduled the painters to come paint the walls at 3:00 P.M. They started in the front (my area) which has no windows to air out the horrible smell. After people started complaining and leaving, I told my boss this was ridiculous and left early. I drove home with the taste of paint in my mouth, took a nap, a bath, went to Red Brick with my dad and ate amazing chocolate gellato, and headed to Diana's for a sleep over. We got drunk, made videos, took hot pictures and had such a fun time being single girls!
Saturday, was a hung over day for me. I did get off my a*s and manage to make myself look half way decent, picked Katie up in Woodland Hills and made our way over to Howl At The Moon for my work Christmas party. The food was pretty good, although, all I ate were chips and salsa and mashed potatoes. Actually, all I had all day consisted of carbs. Carbs are my friend when hung over.
We stayed for two hours and left. I headed over to M & M's apartment for a little bit, and finally made it back home, where I instantly crashed!

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