Thursday, December 2, 2010

heavenly sushi

Has been having a stressful week at work. Only at work. My life outside of work is enjoyable. This is why I am happy that tomorrow is Friday! I have a fun next 4 weekends ahead of me to look forward to. I have Christmas parties to attend the next 3 weekends and then it is Christmas! Two of the parties are being held at the lovely Ronald Reagan Library. I went to one at the RRL last year and it was a blast! Free prizes, free food, and open bar!
This weekend I have my Christmas party which I am contemplating on attending. I figure I may as well attend and enjoy the free food and drinks on my company's dime. I'd much rather get a raise than some two hour Christmas party though.:)

I went out to sushi at the local fav place with Jeremy tonight. We tried a new roll (Deep Fried Spicy Tuna Roll) which was heavenly! We also got the Las Vegas Roll, which was very good as well. We also get this delicious appetizer called the Spicy Mango Crunch. It consists of three large wontons filled with spicy tuna, mango, and sweet sauces. There are only three people who work there. The guy who works in the kitchen, the waitress, and the chef. They all know us. :) The chef hooked us up with some fusion sushi. Very good!
 Las Vegas Roll
Spicy Tuna Roll

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