Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Target has some pretty cute lights for only about three dollars. I got the pink, but they don't work, bought purple which is cute and then got red,white,and green ones which work nice too. Bought them for a photoshoot I did with Diana on Thursday. I totally invited my lover over to watch. Ugh, I love him. I tried my best not to show him that I love him but it's pretty obvious. My eyes can't lie. Neither can his. There is something there between us, but it may never go anywhere. 
Just gotta keep on movin' along. If it's meant to be, he will come find me.

I have had a great weekend.
I got a NEW TV!!!!
No more box tv (my first TV ever) no more dvd and vhs built into my tv hhaha. 
Now I have a blue ray player!!!!!!

Hell freaking yes!!! 
So I had all my friends over to hang out with my cousins who I got no photos of! wtf!
Anyway, I had no idea that all my friends were men lol
This is Greg. He bought me the most amazing gift!!!!
YES!! This will annoy all my Sarah Palin hating friends, which is like any person I know that is below the age of 29..besides Greg and Jeremy.
Greg also gifted me with these nice glasses...

I love them!!!! <3
Left: Brett, who I have known since I was 3 months old. Right: Jeff who has been my friend since I was 16. We were bf and gf for a year when I was 17.
Below: My cousins adorable daughter, Riley and my baby Kona in her doggy purse. :)
My shoes that desperately need to be fixed! The metal is poking out of the heel. God forbid I step on anyones feet! :-X
Jeremy, Angie and me! Angie got out of the house and my motherly instincts immediately kicked in. I put down my drink, ran across the street, where I threw my jacket off and ran down the street in my heels, and Jeremy did the same, minus the heels lol. He got in front of Angus and I got in back of him and he stopped running and let me pick him up. I have such a fear of my dogs getting out. 
Below, is my drunken brother lol.
Brett's mom Chris, who is a second mom to me. Riley and Kona <3 and myself =)
Myself and my baby on Christmas morning! <3

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