Sunday, December 19, 2010

Time Warner Cable X-Mas Party

Once again, I got to party it up at my favorite president's library, thanks to good friends. This weekend it was Time Warner Cable's X-Mas party that I attended with my friend Jeremy. We got to see the Oval Office!!!
It was so
They are
doing a lot
of updating
to the library so,
we just got to see the
Oval Office
which is
bad ass
because I don't think it was open for last weeks XMAS party. We only got 1 drink ticket, unlike the open bar at last weeks, but it was still an awesome time. We got drinks at the Ronald Reagan Lounge which included pictures of him drinking on the walls. :)

We toured Air Force one which was beyond cool! They had electric type writers back in the day, and even cordless phones! There were jars of jelly bellies in each section of the plane since they were Ronald's favorite candy. Looking inside the plane, it all seems very modest compared to what people government officals and celebrities fly in these days. How a lot can change in 30-40 years.

We played some Black Jack, cashed our chips in for raffle tickets, which we didn't win. Oh well! It was still good times. We got a photo of us waving as we got onto Air Force One and a video of Jeremy's belligerent drunk co-worker.  Oh, and a photo of me shooting a commie. damn commies!

We left @ 12. I got home around 12:30. Slept until 1PM haha. 

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