Sunday, December 19, 2010

White Trash Xmas

Friday was an interesting day. I went home for lunch to hang out with my lil baby, Kona. This is where she was when I came home, so I tucked her into her blankey and surrounded her with all her friends.
I drove back to work, stopping at Subway to grab a Diet Coke. Ran into my lover who was in line and had him buy me a diet coke. He's so hot and I just want him so damn bad, but I can't. He likes someone else, but he doesn't admit to it. Actions speak louder than words though. :(

So I got back to work, which was lame. Left work at 5 (which was heaven) and drove up the street to add a little more black to the underneath of my hair.
Then I rushed home, then to Target and bought Xmas candies and green stockings. I changed into my red velvet $12.50 Forever 21 dress, my green tights, red lips, my Santa hat and a grean coat and finished in time for Shawn to pick me up to attend Jeremy's White Trash XMAS/Birthday party, which was in the perfect location of white trashy Filmore. hahaa. His parents live in a really cute house in Filmore and it was actually a lot of fun! There was this HOT guy there and I was so excited, but before I started flirting with him, I asked Jeremy if he was single, and of course, knowning my shitty luck with guys, he was married. :(
Oh well, I played beer pong and sucked ass this week. I guess I need to be already wasted to play. I drank white wine all night and munched on yummies. We sang Happy Birthday to Jeremy who was dressed like Santa.
How cute. Made a new female friend, which is always bad ass because girl friends are hard to find. Took a pic with Santa...
And laughed my a*s off at this...

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