Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I am feeling better today. I understand that life is not as fair as it should be, but I know that Karma works in mysterious ways. Helping my family, friends, and strangers is my favorite thing to do.

Two of my friends needed a room mate and my close guy friend, Jeremy, was in need of a new place to live. Well, I introduced the two and now Jeremy is moving in with my two other friends tomorrow!

His room mate is not happy. His room mate is my ex best friend who has threatened us and who has rambled on her fb about how the world would be a better place if myself and Jeremy were dead....Really?

Nice girl.

She stopped being my friend because I wouldn't stop my friendships with people who were friends with her ex boyfriend.

Really, how childish can a 25 year old woman be?

Pretty childish, it seems.

Some people may disappoint you in life but, the only thing to do is smile and move on in life. No need to fuel a fire by arguing and insulting one another. Be the bigger person, appreciate the good, forget the bad, but move on and continue being you.

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