Sunday, December 26, 2010


I am so happy! Thanks to Katie, I got George Barris's new book titled Marilyn. At least I think it is new. I have never seen it. He did a photoshoot with Marilyn just two months before her death and these shots have always been my favorite Marilyn photos. One, she looks amazing, two, she looks natural and like herself. Three, some of them are taken at the beach right infront of the Peter Lawford house in Santa Monica. Katie and I went to this spot last year and took photos here. I would love to recreate a Marilyn photoshoot. I have a sweater similar to the one she wore on the beach in this shoot (see below). I need a cute 50-60s bathing suit too.

So, I am almost done reading the book. It's mostly photos and his interviews with her. She talks about her life, in her own words. It's nice to read but really sad in parts. She was at her happiest right before her death and that he will never believe that she killed herself. He believes she was murdered. She was about to play her favorite actress (Jean Harlow) in a movie, why would she end her life? She was quoted saying she is just getting started. I know it had to do with the CIA and or JFK. She got involved with the wrong people and knew too much. Her red diary has NEVER been found and she only had a little tiny bit of pills in her system. It was so small, it was in no way enough to kill her. The autopsy they gave her was rushed and not thorough enough. Maybe someone paid off the coroner's office...who knows...who knows what happens when you get involved with the president. She dies, then JFK dies, then RFK....weird.
RFK actually had dinner with Sharon and Roman the day before he was murdered. The next year, Sharon was.

The 1960's was such a crazy decade. I was just having a convo at my work about the 60's with John, the mail delivery guy. He is such a nice guy. Anyway, he told me as crazy as the 60's were, it was amazing and that there will never be a time like it again. I wish I could time travel back and just observe it. Be invisible and just observe it as if I were watching a movie.

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