Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday walking day

Is so in love with my new dress!! It's see through, so I have to wear it with skinny jeans and a cute lil top underneath but I love love love it! Thanks MOM! Glad she got me the purple. I LOVE purple and do not have a lot of purple clothing.
I have not wanted to do anything yesterday or today. I have no desire to even go to the mall. I am trying to save my money for a new couch, so I am trying not to buy any clothing. I REALLY DO NOT NEED ANY! But what I need to do is go through my closet and get rid of all the junk that I really do not need. Rather than buy 5 things at Forever 21, I am trying to buy one nice thing at say Anthropologie or Club Monocco. I guess Club Monocco is going out of buisness in Thousand Oaks. They had/are having a huge sale and my mom got me two really beautiful cardigans for a huge discount! It's def worth buying nicer things, especially now that I am going to be 25 in a month, I need to get over my Forever 21 phase.

Anyway, I went for a walk with my doggies this afternoon and then walked to Target. I got blue Christmas lights for only like $2.50! I got two of them to put up in my room. Blue is my favorite color :) I got Superbad for $4.50 for my brother's b-day next weekend and Season 5 of  It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia for only $9.99! He will love both of em! I also go Cinnamon Bun fabreeze spray to tease myself and make myself hungry. =)
After my walk, I got some Subway. I am addicted to Diet Coke, Veggie Delites and Salt & Vinegar chips! Nom!

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